The 2013 Vespa 946

The Italian marque has revealed the Vespa 946 scooter, with the swoopy new scoot taking its name and some styling cues from the company’s 1946 Mp6 prototype. The 946 features a newly designed engine and bodywork intended to improve fuel economy, performance and meet stringent Euro3 emissions standards.

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An air-cooled 125cc four-stroke Single powers the 946. The new engine was designed and built at the Pontedera plant in Italy,. The three-valve Single promises improved intake, with two valves dedicated to the task, and is coupled with an electronic injection set-up. The new engine puts out a claimed 7.6 lb-ft of torque at 7000 rpm and provides 11.7 hp at 8250 rpm, which Vespa cites as a 7.1% increase in power and a 10.3% improvement in torque as compared to earlier generation engines.
Big news for the 946 is traction control, which makes its debut on a Vespa scooter design. While details are not listed, the ASR traction control system is said to prevent rear wheel slippage for optimal traction. TC technology has been prominently displayed on the Piaggio Group’s other offerings, most notably in the Aprilia line.

Vespa utilizes its familiar monocoque body structure. The 946 makes use of welded steel and aluminum alloy to support the internals while reducing overall weight. The 946’s single shock absorber on the rear wheel has been mounted horizontally to avoid disrupting the aesthetics of the machine, and comes with four-position adjustable preload. It comes with 12-inch wheels on the front and back, complete with a double-disc braking system and ABS. The 946 also comes with LED headlights and dashboard indicators.

The 946’s styling is sourced from Vespa’s original MP6 prototype developed in 1946, hence the 946 in the name. The styling is touted as bridging the gap between Vespa’s “large body,” (GTS and GTV models) and “small body” offerings (LX and S models).

The All New Vespa 300 GTV ABS-ASR is HERE!


Fresh from Italy comes the all new and thoughtfully refined Vespa GTV 300. This next generation of GTV 300 hosts a multitude of upgrades that keep this iconic retro style minded model at the forefront of innovation and advanced technology, while keeping to it’s roots with a thoughtful retrospective design. The most notable of these exciting new features make it the most technologically advanced scooter on the market – now with ABS and ASR Traction Control.


Here’s a short list of just some of the upgrades to the New Vespa GTV 300:

  • ABS braking system on both front and rear wheels.
  • ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). It uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels to keep you from slipping. Very hi-tech!
  • New style fork, with less dive during front braking and a much nicer ride overall.
  • Larger under seat storage to fit bigger helmets and more cargo.
  • Restyled RED seat, more comfortable and stylish.
  • USB phone charging port inside the glove box.  Uses the standard USB cable that’s included with any phone, GPS or digital camera.
  • New horn cover with aggressive chrome grill design.
  • Battery cover center mat with “Vespa” embossed on it.
  • Restyled  tail light with new chrome trim.
  • New fuel injection ECU system.