The 2013 Vespa 946

The Italian marque has revealed the Vespa 946 scooter, with the swoopy new scoot taking its name and some styling cues from the company’s 1946 Mp6 prototype. The 946 features a newly designed engine and bodywork intended to improve fuel economy, performance and meet stringent Euro3 emissions standards.

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An air-cooled 125cc four-stroke Single powers the 946. The new engine was designed and built at the Pontedera plant in Italy,. The three-valve Single promises improved intake, with two valves dedicated to the task, and is coupled with an electronic injection set-up. The new engine puts out a claimed 7.6 lb-ft of torque at 7000 rpm and provides 11.7 hp at 8250 rpm, which Vespa cites as a 7.1% increase in power and a 10.3% improvement in torque as compared to earlier generation engines.
Big news for the 946 is traction control, which makes its debut on a Vespa scooter design. While details are not listed, the ASR traction control system is said to prevent rear wheel slippage for optimal traction. TC technology has been prominently displayed on the Piaggio Group’s other offerings, most notably in the Aprilia line.

Vespa utilizes its familiar monocoque body structure. The 946 makes use of welded steel and aluminum alloy to support the internals while reducing overall weight. The 946’s single shock absorber on the rear wheel has been mounted horizontally to avoid disrupting the aesthetics of the machine, and comes with four-position adjustable preload. It comes with 12-inch wheels on the front and back, complete with a double-disc braking system and ABS. The 946 also comes with LED headlights and dashboard indicators.

The 946’s styling is sourced from Vespa’s original MP6 prototype developed in 1946, hence the 946 in the name. The styling is touted as bridging the gap between Vespa’s “large body,” (GTS and GTV models) and “small body” offerings (LX and S models).

No Model Has Taken Playtime to the Extreme like the 2017 Spark Trixx

Based on a two-passenger SPARK with the 90hp 900 ACE HO engine, the TRIXX is distinguished by a trio of features designed to work together to bring out the craft’s freestyle potential. Most intriguing is a revamped VTS (Variable Trim System), which now features greater range. In stock form, the SPARK’s VTS trims the nozzle between 7 degrees up and -4.5 degrees down. On the TRIXX, that range increases to 17 degrees in the upward position and -6 degrees in the downward position. That enhanced range upwards effectively powers the bow up into the air with minimal throttle, making tricks like tailstands much easier to perform. A familiar “double-tap” of the VTS trim button on the handlebars allows riders to quickly switch between two pre-programmed positions.

2017 Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX Action Spin

Enhancing the potential offered by the greater VTS angles is a new handlebar setup featuring an adjustable aluminum riser. Designed to offer the rider greater leverage over the craft, the bar position can be changed on the fly by opening and closing a bicycle-style skewer located on the front of the handlebar column. Positions range from a base setting 3” higher than the normal Spark position, to 6” higher fully extended. The final component of the TRIXX system is a set of wedges added at the rear of the footwells. Angled at 60 degrees, the 7.5” x 4.5” blocks give the rider a secure footing when riding bow high, as well as make it easier to position your weight over the stern on the craft.

2017 Sea-Doo Spark TRIXX Jump

So is the SPARK more fun doing TRIXX? The consensus from most of the press on hand at the brand’s media launch was yes. With handlebars up and trim high, it’s surprisingly easy to pull the craft into a tailstand. With practice, you can hold that position, turn it into a rotating tailspin, or perform tail hops with relative ease. For more aggressive riders, the enhanced leverage and nozzle angle also makes it possible to pull off old-school “nose stabs” or bronco-style leaps out of the water, although beware the return to earth can be a little jarring if you don’t land it just right. Keep in mind many of these are tricks few people have ever accomplished on a PWC, let alone a runabout. Sea-Doo envisions family and friends trying to one up each other inventing new moves, and bragging about it on social media to further fuel the TRIXX’s fire.

The All New MGX-21

Moto Guzzi created MGX-21 to make you feel today what others will maybe experience tomorrow. Black, dark and elegant, a compendium of Italian taste and American style: Moto Guzzi MGX-21 disrupts all consolidated schemes, offering you a reality you never imagined. MGX, as Moto Guzzi eXperimental; 21 like the year the first motorcycle came out of the Mandello del Lario plant. Or, if you prefer, 21 like the inches of its front lenticular carbon fiber wheel, a statement of style and dynamics to bring you from heritage to science fiction in a single look. Trust us: in MGX-21 there’s all this. And much more.

The torque from the Moto Guzzi Big Block engine shines through, unhideable like a fighter’s muscles under a tuxedo. Its 89 ft·lbs (121 Nm) push you forward with relentless grunt at revs where others are still asleep. But at the same time, a state-of-the-art electronic management with ride-by-wire throttle, selectable power maps and evolved traction control keep everything in check, letting you bask in the comfort of Cruise Control when the road gets straight and there’s still many miles to g

Its red cylinder head covers, unmistakably Guzzi, will make you shine along with the calipers in the darkest of nights. Its Batwing fairing, its carbon-fiber black dress, tight and elegant at the same time, isn’t for everyone and doesn’t want to be.

Get to Know the New Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

The V9 is the new incarnation of the purest spirit of Moto Guzzi. The V9 is authentic in every detail; authentic in its use of strong and high-quality, and in the choice of quality components; authentic in the agility with which it reacts to your riding; and authentic in the exciting torque of the new 850cc engine. 

Check out the new video above then learn more about the V9 Bobber here.