The All New Vespa 300 GTV ABS-ASR is HERE!


Fresh from Italy comes the all new and thoughtfully refined Vespa GTV 300. This next generation of GTV 300 hosts a multitude of upgrades that keep this iconic retro style minded model at the forefront of innovation and advanced technology, while keeping to it’s roots with a thoughtful retrospective design. The most notable of these exciting new features make it the most technologically advanced scooter on the market – now with ABS and ASR Traction Control.


Here’s a short list of just some of the upgrades to the New Vespa GTV 300:

  • ABS braking system on both front and rear wheels.
  • ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). It uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels to keep you from slipping. Very hi-tech!
  • New style fork, with less dive during front braking and a much nicer ride overall.
  • Larger under seat storage to fit bigger helmets and more cargo.
  • Restyled RED seat, more comfortable and stylish.
  • USB phone charging port inside the glove box.  Uses the standard USB cable that’s included with any phone, GPS or digital camera.
  • New horn cover with aggressive chrome grill design.
  • Battery cover center mat with “Vespa” embossed on it.
  • Restyled  tail light with new chrome trim.
  • New fuel injection ECU system.

Sea-Doo Announces 300 hp Engine Along with Other 2016 Model Year Updates

The successful launch of the Sea-Doo SPARK introduces new technologies and designs that take riding to the next level emphasizing the Sea-Doo legacy of being on the forefront of innovation.

BRP continues to perfect the Science of Fun with the introduction of the new 300-hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine powering the 2016 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, RXP-X 300 and GTX Limited 300 models and adding the Ergolock seat to all RXT and GTX models with many models receiving a redesign of the storage area providing up to three times the overall storage volume.

The new Rotax 1630 ACE engine is 9% bigger and efficiently creates 15% more power with a boosted 300 hp, becoming the most powerful engine ever produced by Rotax. The Rotax 1630 ACE engine has a longer stroke compared to the Rotax 1503 raising displacement to 1.6L and increases efficiency in two areas; friction reduction and better cooling. The ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) technology includes a new plasma coating technology for aluminum-block engines developed by a Rotax team in Gunskirchen, Austria. The plasma coating technology is a thermal spraying process that deposits a protective coating on engine cylinder liners to create a metallic layer that provides a hard and durable surface to withstand piston friction forces. It improves surface durability, while keeping lighter and more compact engines with better heat transfer and superior performance, and reduced use of chemicals. Adding to the power producing efficiency is a reengineered cooling system that includes an additional heat exchanger and larger, more efficient engine oil cooler.

To feed the larger engine more air a new, re-designed supercharger with a faster spinning 32- blade wheel (double the blades of the previous version) has been added producing 30% more intake boost. The new supercharger design has been improved to the point it is maintenance free1. A new larger intercooler provides a more dense air charge and aids in increased airflow and features a new air fin design for improved heat transfer utilizing a smart design with long life aluminum alloys for better corrosion protection. New ignition curves have been developed to efficiently match the increased air boost with the output of the larger fuel injectors leading to the 15% increase in horsepower in the 2016 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, GTX Limited 300 and RXP-X 300 models. The 2016 RXP-X 300 sets the new standard at the next level now with industry’s best power-to-weight ratio.



BRP designers have applied the science of rider centric ergonomics learned in the laboratory and from the recent Sea-Doo closed-course racing success as the race-proven Sea-Doo Ergolock seat of the RXP-X model has been adapted to more models for 2016. The Ergolock seat is optimized to fit a variety of riders and utilizes a narrower, slim profile design between the legs with body-molded knee pockets allowing riders to sit in a more natural position and leverage leg muscles to grip the watercraft. It also allows the rider to connect with the watercraft better and use the entire body to hold on rather than only the upper-body, thus improving comfort, confidence and reducing upper body fatigue.

The new Ergolock seat is available on all Sea-Doo RXT and GTX models and the WAKE PRO 215 model. On the RXT and WAKE PRO 215 models, the Ergolock seat lets riders leverage leg muscles to grip the watercraft for better control. The GTX models feature the Ergolock seat with stepped design for more comfort while touring and confidence while turning. The stepped design implements sculpted, rising seat levels for better passenger vision and lateral support. Added surrounding lumbar cushioning for up to three riders holds them in place better with more comfort in all conditions.


The Sea-Doo SPARK continues to be the industry’s most accessible and affordable watercraft making the dream of owning a watercraft possible now. The Sea-Doo SPARK has contributed to 20% industry growth in its introduction year3 and returns in 2up and 3up4 models and is available with the Rotax 900 ACE and Rotax 900 HO ACE marine engine packages. In 2016, the Sea-Doo SPARK is easy to personalize with three new delicious colors; Blueberry, Key Lime, and Chili Pepper, joining the Pineapple and Vanilla colorations and six new graphic kits expanding on the dozens of graphic kit options available. For 2016, models equipped with the iBR system will also come with the Convenience Package Plus that includes the Sea-Doo SPARK Front Storage Bin Kit that flows with contours of the design, the Sea-Doo Step for easier reboarding and the Digitally Encoded Security System (RF D.E.S.S. Key) that allows for greater security from theft and unauthorized use.

The Sea-Doo SPARK watercraft is more affordable5 and more fuel-efficient6 than any other model in the industry. Plus, the durable Polytec material of its hull and deck is solid while being recyclable, making it a more eco-friendly watercraft. The compact design of the Sea-Doo SPARK and lightweight construction makes it easy to own, easy to tow, simple to store and a blast to ride.


The engineering and design team at Sea-Doo introduces the leading edge Element Jacket and Pants for 2016, offering riders warmth and protection to extend riding season beyond the summer months. Brand advocates of both genders will transition from land to water in chic styling. The windproof material with Teflon water-repellent treatment has a laminated membrane that is designed to be both water resistant and breathable. For added comfort during colder days, the jacket and pants are lined with brushed-knit polyester thermal fleece. A relaxed fit allows enough room for the rider’s favorite Sea-Doo boardshorts and the pre-shaped legs are designed for multiple riding positions. The Element Pants add on to the functionality and styling of the Element Jacket with additional exterior pockets to carry essentials. The new Element Jacket and Pants offer Sea-Doo enthusiasts casual and functional gear that matches the unique design of Sea-Doo watercraft and will get their hearts pounding.


Yamaha Wave Runner Receives NMMA Innovation Award for New Engine


Yamaha WaterCraft Group, today announced that its WaveRunner product line received one of the boating industry’s most prestigious awards recognizing excellence in design from the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association (NMMA).

Honored for innovation by the NMMA in the Personal Watercraft category is the new TR-1 High Output marine engine that is featured in Yamaha’s 2016 V1 and VX Series WaveRunners.

The Yamaha TR-1 HO marine engine is the pinnacle of engine innovation. The TR-1 motor is 13 percent more powerful than the Yamaha MR-1 engine that it is replacing while being 40 percent smaller in size and 20 percent lighter in weight.

Yamaha achieves this by eliminating a reduction gear, integrating the oil tank, and using fewer and smaller parts. The result is quicker acceleration, higher top end speeds, with better fuel economy and more fun for the rider.

This is the second time in as many years that Yamaha WaveRunners have been honored by the NMMA for innovation. Last year, Yamaha’s RiDE system received the innovation award in the Personal Watercraft category. RiDE is the world’s first handlebars with dual throttle controls and is available on Yamaha’s 2016 FX and VX Series WaveRunners.

The Innovation Award honors manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products for the boating industry to market.

Ducati 2016 is Taking the Market by Storm

The first of a major series of new bikes that will join the Ducati 2016 range has been presented at the Frankfurt-held IAA (Internationale Automobil Ausstellung).

Immediately after its unveiling, the new Monster 1200 R was given a very warm welcome by the public and media.   The most powerful supernaked ever built by Ducati, made its official debut at this prestigious international showcase. This latest Ducati is just the first in a long, exciting series of new models to join the “made in Bologna” 2016 range – a range that represents, beyond any shadow of doubt, the biggest, most decisive attack on the market ever to have been launched by Ducati.

“No less than nine new models, including the just-unveiled Monster 1200 R, will be joining the 2016 range. Never before has Ducati presented so many new bikes and EICMA will provide the perfect platform on which to show them to all to our enthusiastic customers.

“The increase in sales is simply a consequence of just how incredibly well-received our products are – products that stem from implementing strategies that are in keeping with our identity, looking to new markets and taking on tough new challenges every day,” says Ducati.

Mustang Offers Better Comfort with New Seats for the CanAm Spyder F3


This new seat is designed for riders to feel the Mustang difference.  This new one-piece seat for the F3 offers more comfort than the stock seat and enhances the overall look of the Spyder.

“Our seats for the Spyder RT have proven popular with riders, so the F3 was the next logical step,” says Mustang Seats Sales Manager Jesse Sargent. “Can-Am calls the F3 the ‘next era’ of Spyders and we’ve developed this seat with the same thinking. Every angle, contour and radius of the seat has been fine-tuned for maximum comfort,” Sargent explains.

This new seat is designed for people who like riding all day.  The new design improves posture so you can ride longer, comfortably.  The new design covers both comfort and style.

The cover’s detailed double-stitching boldly enhances the Spyder F3’s striking design. Mustang’s marine-grade fiberglass baseplate and proprietary foam are carefully contoured to support both rider and passenger in the optimal cruising angle for all-day riding.  The easily removable, fully adjustable backrest is optional and perfectly matches the design of the seat. “This new Mustang seat for the F3 makes an already great machine even better!” concludes Jesse.

Preview of the 2016 Yamaha Motorcycle Lineup

We’ve tirelessly scoured the Yamaha press info to find out what you should care about (so you don’t have to do much reading).

Ultimately, the most news from Yamaha comes from their off-road bikes and a new R1 to the Supersport fleet. We skimmed over the rest of the 2016 models.


The big news for the 2016 YZF-R1 is that the motorcycle will be offered in three different color schemes: Matte Gray, Team Yamaha Blue/Matte Silver, and limited-edition 60th Anniversary Yellow/Black. The Matte Gray and Team Yamaha Blue/Matte Silver models will retail for $16,490, and the limited-edition 60th Anniversary Yellow/Black R1 is priced at $16,990.

One of Yamaha’s perennially best-selling Supersport models, the middleweight YZF-R6, is back for 2016. Like the 2016 R1, it will also be offered in three different color schemes: Matte Gray, Team Yamaha Blue/Matte Silver, and limited-edition 60th Anniversary Yellow/Black.

There are some improvements this year on the Yamaha motocross 2016 line up, which include the all-new YZ450F and the WR450F, along with upgrades to the YYZ250FX and YZ250F. All models feature fuel injection and electric starts.

The YZ450FX shares the YZ450F’s rearward-slanted-cylinder design, with a reversed cylinder head and forward-positioned, straight intake. The YZ450FX is tuned specifically for cross-country racing. In addition, the bike features cross-country-specific suspension tuning, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission, enduro-specific multi-plate clutch, and an electric starter and main-switch-free electrical system to help reduce rider fatigue and provide easier race-start launches.

Yamaha Sport Models

Anyway, new for the Sport models are the FZ6R and SR400.

Even though there’s nothing new in this category of bike, it may not be a bad thing because the FZ6R and SR400 are both respectable motorcycles in their own right. The SR400 is a throw-back that looks good, and handles better than a restored bike, and the FZ6R is Yamaha’s great entry-level 600 sport bike.

The FZ6R still has the great 600cc engine, low seat height of 30.9 inches and adjustable handlebars. And luckily the price hasn’t changed: $7,790.

Thankfully the SR400 has no price change either, but it does have a new color Onyx.

Adventure and Supersport Touring

Yamaha also announced the return of the Super Ténéré ES and Super Ténéré Adventure Touring motorcycles, as well as the FJ-09 Supersport Touring motorcycle, for 2016.


The Super Ténéré will be available in two colors: Raven and a special-edition 60th Anniversary Yellow/Black.

Star Cruisers – A Bunch of Colors

Yamaha already rolled out the 2016 Bolt and Bolt R-Spec earlier this year. The company announced the balance of its 2016 Star cruiser model lineup. It’s mostly color options and MSRP changes— no new models or any major technical changes to the Star lineup.

The Stryker and Stryker Bullet Cowl return for 2016 with brand-new color schemes. The Stryker will be available in Galaxy Blue , and the Stryker Bullet Cowl will be available in Matte Gray.
The Bolt C-Spec, a café-style version of the bobber-style Bolt, returns for 2016 with a new Desert Bronze color scheme.
The 2016 V Star 1300 Deluxe is offered in Charcoal Silver. It’s a V-twin bagger with a fairing, integrated dash, audio system with GPS, and locking hard bags.
The V Star 1300 Tourer, with its V-twin engine, low seat, hard bags, backrest, and windshield, returns for 2016 in Raspberry Metallic. New this year is the addition of an easily removable windshield and backrest designed to let the rider quickly change the look and feel of this classic Star cruiser.
At the entry level, the V Star 250 is a compact cruiser with a 27-inch seat height and a V-twin engine. It is offered in electric white.